Riding the Rails

We don’t know what it is about trains and kiddos, but they all seem to love trains, no matter what.  Girl/boy, 1 or 3 (or more) kiddos just seem to love trains!  Sky is no acceptation, and She’s smart enough now to know which routes home will take us past as many train tracks as possible, and asks/tells me which way to turn from almost anywhere in town, just to have a chance to see some trains. 

When we are lucky enough to time it right I pull over, if at all possible, so she can watch the train fly past. 

Being the cool parents we are we made sure we won a bid at an auction for tickets on the Snoqualmie Valley Railway.  We have had the tickets for months waiting for the perfect time, and this weekends sunny weather combined with us not having any plans gave us the perfect opportunity to surprise Sky!

 Our tickets to adventure!  

You can catch the train in Snoqualmie and ride to North Bend, or catch it in North Bend and ride to Snoqualmie.  It’s a 70 minute round trip and you can get off the train at either station, spend time in town, and catch one of the return trains back.  It makes a trip up to Snoqualmie Falls, you can’t leave the train, but there are some pretty great photo ops from the train.  
 She was so excited when she saw the train that she was dancing around and squealing!  
We decided to catch the train in Snoqualmie, and originally thought we would spend time in North Bend having lunch and catch a later train back, but the drive in through Snoqualmie was so lovely and the town so adorable, we decided to ride round trip, and spend time in Snoqualmie instead.  
Sky did awesome on the train.  Each car was set up with different decor, and seating arrangements, so we moved from car to car, one of them open air, as needed and she was all smiles the whole time!  

 We’re on a train!!!

  Not the Hogwarts Express, but still a very cool old train!

For those local peeps I highly recommend a train ride!  We had so much fun, and Snoqualmie is a really cute little town.  Sky lost it as soon as we got off the train, to be expected I guess, so we didn’t get to explore town like we wanted…darn I guess we’ll have to go back!  🙂  
I hope you all had a great weekend and got to spend it with people you love!

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