Thankful Thursday

Things I’m Thankful For Today:

-A speedy group run Tuesday night.  Great way to kick off the training cycle!

-That I got to walk with the stroller group rather than run Wednesday.  After Tuesday night the break was nice.

-A running date with the hubby tomorrow…got make up for not running Wednesday.  🙂


-Unexpected lunch with Daddy today.  Sky was so excited to see him!

-The trampoline!  It’s proving to be Sky’s new fave thing to do, and keeps her busy for hours.  Plus it’s helping with coordination like jumping and clapping at the same time, switching feet etc.  Thank you Grandpa!

-For a few hours of kiddo free time to read and enjoy some froyo…salted caramel corn with peanut butter cup…yummy!

-Sky and Reagan finally got to exchange b-day gifts with each other.  They both loved what they received.  Princess shoes for the win…finally a shoe Sky doesn’t take off in the car!

-That the first camping trip is within site and I can finally start getting excited about it…it’s also my first trail race in a very long time!

-That Sky is giving me plenty of opportunities to practice patience.  3 going on 13!


What is 1 thing you are thankful for today?


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