So It Begins

Today is the first day of PR training!  I’m excited, and a little scared to be honest.  I’ve never had such a big goal riding on one race.  Mostly my past goals have all been accomplish-able as long as I finished, but now that’s not good enough.  Now, I have a huge goal, so big that I don’t even like saying what it is.

I’m ready though.  I’m pushing myself, but I know it’s a goal I can reach, so let the training and the fun begin!

The biggest change with this training cycle and race is I feel very alone.  For the first time I’m intentionally doing all (or most…I have a few long runs with stronger/faster runners lined up) long runs and the race alone.  It’s time to rely on myself and see what I can do on my own!  That’s pretty exciting!

In the meantime I’m totally going crazy over the Bridge Of The Gods Run photos on their FB page!  It’s a week after my PR attempt so it’s a no go this year, but I’m keeping my eye on it for next year!  It’s the inaugural year this year, so I hope it sticks around, and that by next year any kinks (if there are any) will be worked out! 

I mean really check out the views! 

Growing up we drove past this bridge on the way to E WA countless times a year.  The idea of running across it and actually stopping to enjoy the area sounds pretty amazing to me!  Adding it to the race bucket list for sure! 


Who’s training right now…What race are you gearing up for?

Tell me the #1 race on your bucket list!

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