Enjoying the Long Weekend

I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend, and taking a moment to be thankful to those that gave their life, so that we can live ours in peace and happiness. 

It feels like it’s been forever since I did a post, but that’s mostly because it’s been a really busy weekend!  It all kinda started on Thursday (hence the lack of a thankful Thursday post last week) with Sky’s birthday.  Even though Thursday was her big day, we spent it running errands to get ready for the big party on Saturday.  I did make it a point though to stop and cuddly/give hugs every time she asked for one!

I seriously have no idea how we have a 3 year old already.  It happened so fast!  I’m not going to lie…sometimes I really miss that cuddly little baby she used to be.   


Most of the time though (like 99.99999% of the time) I love each and every new age and stage.  It is so much fun watching her grow into her own little person.  Some things are totally our influence, but others are 100% her, and it’s fun seeing what her interests and likes are.    
She loves jumping, on anything and everything so we planned her birthday party at the local bounce house place.  We like to forgo fancy for active, fun play time type of parties.  Really, I just want her worn out so she’ll take a nap!
  Had the whole place to ourselves, with lunch and cupcakes for all.
There was also lot’s of play time and hang out time with Grandpa (my Dad).  Sky had so much fun having Grandpa around!  
Watching a movie with Grandpa.
Thankfully Dad was able to work on my shoulder and knee issues as well.  Oddly enough the week I took off didn’t leave me feeling very rested, I actually felt like I came out of the week off with some injury type pain.  But, thanks to Dad I’m feeling better and ready to start the next training cycle!
The rest of the weekend has been spent hanging out just the three of us at the farmers market, the park, and getting projects done around the house. 
 We walked to the school park just down the road from us and she had to bring her field bag to add sticks and leaves and stuff too.  

 She watches and talks to Daddy through the slats when he’s working on projects in the driveway.  

 She wanted to help carry the goods back to the car.

 I love that she gets dressed up to go outside and help Daddy.  That dress is from when I was a kiddo!  It’s still in really great shape!
 Watching the boats.

Going to spend the rest of the day enjoying my last day of not running before training starts tomorrow!  I’m actually looking forward to pounding pavement again…it’s funny to me how cruddy I’ve felt not running!
Thank you to everyone who took time to celebrate Sky’s birthday, and a big thank you to my Dad for well…everything!  
I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the long weekend!  
Who ran a race this weekend?

What is your Memorial Day tradition? 

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