Post Vaca Running Fail

I’m not sure my legs appreciated my first run after vaca being a fast one.  Or maybe it had more to do with the fact I still feel motion sick from flying.  I don’t know, and I don’t know when the world will stop spinning, and I won’t have waves of dizziness and nausea wash over me, but I’m ready for that to be done!  It’s getting better day by day, but still having not fun moments of dizziness and sickness. 

Anyway, last nights group run was speedy as usual, and Michelle and I pushed the pace, and pushed up the hills, and I couldn’t finish.  I had to walk the last .3 because I was so dizzy and felt like I was going to vomit.  I probably could have finished, but I was over done, thirsty, tired, hungry and sick all at the same time.  Since I’m not trying to prove anything to anyone, and was already close to finishing last there wasn’t much point in pushing when I felt so cruddy.

 Pilates legs.

I had done my pilates leg workout that morning too, so maybe they were a bit tired.  It doesn’t really matter I guess…I just need to work at getting back to it.  Thankfully today’s stroller run felt a lot better than lasts nights group run. 

Is it possible to still be recovering from the heat/humidity as well?  I don’t know how long it takes to get back to normal, but I felt really overheated and dehydrated last night as well, which is pretty much how I felt the whole time in Houston. 
In random news and pics…

After today’s Pilates workout…our check-in was to post a selfie after we finished.
My current manicure!  I’m loving mixing up the Jamberry wraps and having fun, festive nails.  Gotta do it while I can because who knows what future job I may have that has a dress code against this kinda thing.  
Yesterday was so nice that Sky ran around without a shirt all day long.  I love being able to hang out and eat outside in the sun, and that Bishop is ever vigilant in his lookout duties.  
Lastly I have a very exciting post planned for Friday!!!  It’s not very often I get to post about breaking news on the local music scene, but Friday I have exciting news to share about a pretty awesome local band!  Get ready to hear your summer soundtrack for the first time Friday!
What is your #1 favorite music group/performer?  
Aerosmith forever and always!
Do you listen to music while running?
Yes, but I’m cutting back so it feels like more of a boost on race day.
Anyone else have soundtracks for summer?   
I have specific CD’s that I only enjoy listening to during the summer. 

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