Every Runner Want’s a Gift Bag Like This!

I got the most awesome message from the Fleet Feet store manager while I was in Houston.  She sent me this picture….

….and told me I’d scream when I saw what was inside.  Well that made me want to fly home instantly and see what was inside!!! 

Naturally I planned my Sunday errands around the store opening so I could go get my bag of goodies and she was right, although I didn’t scream, I cried.   

Yes, coffee mugs make me teary eyed.  😉  Seriously though, I LOVE my coffee mug!  In the last big clean out of the house I actually got rid of the two travel mugs I had and later found that I really missed them.  So, suffice it to say this mug has gotten a ton of use the last 3 days!  It’s my go-to mug. 

There were also a few of these beauties….

Since I gave all but one hair band away when I cut it all off I actually needed some of these!  Now that it’s longer again I’m having to braid/pin/pull it back out of my face for running.  Super excited about the bright colors too! 

The thing that really got to me though and brought tears to my eyes were these beautiful new kicks!!!

My one true running shoe love adidas Energy Boost and in a color that I LOVE to pieces!  I’m not going to lie this did me in. 

My other ones still feel great, but they are getting closer and closer to 500 miles and even though they feel like they will last much longer than a traditional running shoe, I don’t know how much longer.  I was starting to get a little stressed about replacing them/adding a 2nd pair to rotate with.  (When my job status changed and I became a SAHM one of the things that had to change was making sure my running didn’t hit the family budget, the “extra” $$ for running gear/races just wasn’t there any longer).   Now I feel like my running shoe need is covered for a very long time, and I can run, run, run to my hearts content!

I really don’t even know how to say thank you for such a wonderful gift!  I really hope that Kelli (adidas rep and friend!) and adidas know that those shoes mean I can not only continue training and focusing on my upcoming PR goal race, but it means I get to continue running with Sky as well!  I don’t know if she will love running like I do, or continue to be interested in it like she is now.  But, even if she decides she hates it, she is being raised in and around the running community, and I tell you it’s a pretty great community for a kiddo to be part of!   

So thank you Kelli and adidas for the shoes!  They will keep me and Sky going for a very long time! 

As always this is not a sponsored post.  No one asked me to post about anything I was given.  I do so because I love the product, and really want to say Thank You, and let everyone know how amazing and supportive adidas is! 

P.S. – I also have to say thank you to my Dad and Fleet Feet Sports Tacoma…the support I receive is truly amazing!

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