Back To Real Life

How is this Monday treating everyone?  Sky and I are getting back into our regular schedule.  Still pretty tired from the time change, mostly because Sky is waking up crazy early, I will be thankful when she’s back on Pacific Time sleeping schedule.  🙂

I am so very ready to get back to my running schedule!!!  It’s strange that I didn’t run a bit last week, yet had running related pain in my knee and foot.  Sort of funny that the fear of injury popped up during a non-running week.

I have a few easy runs this week, and then thanks to great timing Dad will be here this weekend and can work on my knee and foot!  Just in time for Tacoma Narrows Half training to start!!!

Before getting back to regular blogging a few more pics from our time in Houston.

Upper Left – Biggest horns I’ve ever seen on a cow/bull ever!

We spent an afternoon at the Houston Zoo and had a blast looking at all the animals, playing in water, and discovering which displays Sky loved the most!

 It was pretty hot and Sky was loving the mister!

 Her favorites were the Komodo Dragon and Elephants!

 My two monkey’s!

And, then we went to the Microsoft closing party at Minute Maid Park, and that may have been where things went wrong.

Sky had been playing at the park all morning, at the zoo all afternoon, had not been eating much, no nap, and probably hadn’t had enough water to drink either.  So, not only was she way over tired, she had been out in the heat all day.  What I thought was her just being tired, was actually her having a fever and being sick/getting sick all over Mark.

Being stuck in a hotel with a sick kiddo that needs to take it easy, but want’s to get out and move is not easy!  We really wanted to go to NASA, I mean how do you go to Houston and not go to NASA right?  But, since Sky was not feeling well we opted for the Houston Aquarium instead.  We figured it would be pretty calm to walk through and look at the tanks, and we know Sky loves fish and can spend a lot of time just sitting and watching them.

Top left – after dinner, the sun was in her eyes so Mark gave her his hat.  Top right – aquarium.  Bottom two from the Microsoft Party.  She was so miserable on the way home, and I feel bad that I thought she was just being cranky.

 So thankful that she is a great flyer!  Both ways she was really great.  Especially flying down there, we had to switch flights do to a malfunction and it added hours to the trip.  But, Sky was a champ the entire time! 

 Mt. Rainier from the air, what a nice welcome home! 

 Wine, makes good flights even better!

Houston was lovely and all, but I can’t tell you how nice it was to come home! As nice as it was to not have to cook or clean for a week, and just flit about a new city having fun, I love coming home and being in my routine and being responsible!  Plus, the heat here is so much nicer than the heat down there! 
#1 City you’ve ever spent time in?
I have to say NY…that was a dream trip for sure!

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