Thankful Thursday – Houston Edition

Today I’m thankful for:

-That Houston was kind to us with the weather today.  Sunny and warm/verging on hot, but with a cool breeze and very low humidity!

 Drinking so much water down here.  Feel dehydrated and thirsty all the time!

Pleasant day at the park today!
-That I finally found a Starbucks close to the hotel.  Let’s just say coffee is not as important down here as it is in WA!  I have yet to see a single drive thru coffee place of any kind, and Starbucks are few and far between.  
That WA is in the Pacific time zone.  I would be an unhappy camper if I had to regularly stay up until midnight or later to watch “prime-time” sporting events.  Blazer games don’t even start until 10pm here!  Won’t be an issue now since they are out of the playoffs, but I shudder to think how late I’d stay up during football season! 
-Sky finally ate a full meal at dinner last night.  Lets just say she’s has been very picky and not had much of an appetite since we’ve been here.  I think the heat has gotten to her, and her entire schedule is off.  
 Grilled cheese and french fries for the win!  Most expensive grilled cheese sandwich ever, so I’m glad she ate the whole thing! 

Always with the pinky! 
-I’m always thankful when I get to order a meal that I know I’ll love, but will never make at home.  Lobster is too $$ and too intimidating for me to do at home, and fresh, homemade pasta just isn’t going to happen with Mark’s allergies.  So, ordering coconut curried lobster with fresh noodles was a treat!  
I made sure to eat all the lobster, but only ate about half the noodles before I was comfortably full.
-That Sky and I even get to be on this trip in the first place.  Mark has gone out of his way to make it as easy and fun as possible for us!

 Loves her Daddy so much! 

-Very thankful to the Lutheran church/hospital/college down the street from us.  The campus is huge, and beautiful and perfect for a walk last night in the warm wind.  Also, thankful that they let us into the gym so Sky could run around and burn off the last bit of energy before bed time.  
P.S. – I love that the Lutheran hospital (it’s a very small hospital…not an ER situation at all) down the street is called the Hope and Healing center…isn’t that so much nicer than calling it a hospital?!  It automatically makes me feel optimistic about the potential outcomes.
   She thinks it’s a soccer ball.
-Tomorrow is Mark’s free day, and our family day!  We have our City Pass’s in hand and are ready for lift off!  So excited to have fun in Houston with my two favorite people!
Lastly, I’m so very thankful that Sky has been napping almost every day since we’ve been here.  The heat and the activity are just doing her in every day.  Selfishly it gives me time to blog, catch up on email, and get my pilates workout done, and I even manage to read my book too.  Loving having a few hours of down time that don’t include laundry/dishes/cleaning the house etc.  🙂
What are you thankful for today/this week?

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