Cajun Crawfish

For those that don’t know Mark’s family if from Mississippi and he spent many a summer living in Mississippi with his Grandparents, and went to school at Mississippi State.  Buckets of crawfish  from the corner gas station were a part of every day life for him. 

I don’t normally trust gas station food, but apparently down South they know what they are doing when it comes to crawfish.  Mark’s craving got to a point that we even overnight ordered crawfish once…let’s just say that experience ruined any chance I ever had of enjoying them as much as Mark.  Some things just have to be enjoyed fresh at the source! 

As soon as the trip to Houston was booked he started talking about a crawfish dinner.  I did some homework and found Ragin Cajun which had awesome reviews online, for good reason too!

 That is a lot a crawfish, and Mark enjoyed every last one!
It’s a lot of work to eat a crawfish…check out these instructions How To Eat Crawfish and it’s only a little bit of meat per crawfish, so while that looks like a lot, it wasn’t as much as you would think.  I tried one and it’s a mix between lobster and prawns for flavor.  The season that it’s boiled in is where all the flavor comes from.  
 Seriously messy eating! 

Just a tip, don’t touch your eyes after eating crawfish…maybe take your contacts out before eating them!  
I opted for the crab and shrimp gumbo (something I can’t make as it should be made at home with Mark’s food allergies) and Sky went with mac and cheese and corn on the cob.  The food must have been good because we all cleaned our plates!  Easily the best meal we have had in Houston so far!  I kinda want to go back actually.  

If you’re ever in Houston I highly recommend Ragin Cajun!  Not only was the food really good, but the atmosphere was so much fun.  You can tell it’s the place to be on Game Day regardless of being a  college or NFL fan. 

They have a New Orleans Saints only bar next to the dinning room, and is the place to go to watch Saints games in Houston.  There is a second bar on the opposite end of the dinning room for everyone else, but with multiple TV’s in the dinning room and football memorabilia all over the place I don’t think there would be a bad seat in the place for football, beer, and crawfish any given Sat or Sunday!

The bottom line…Mark doesn’t get crawfish often and he had been looking forward to this specific meal for months and months…he said it delivered 100% and met all his expectations!


Anyone else a crawfish fan out there?

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