Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day to all the mommies out there!  It’s the greatest job in the world and sometimes the most challenging.

I got to spend my day with Sky, while Mark was at his tech conference.  We played at the park a lot, drove around lost a lot, and I got a good hour of snuggle time when she fell asleep in my arms…kinda the best way to spend Mothers Day ever! 

I’m so thankful that someone had enough confidence in me (and Mark too!) to give me the gift of motherhood.  I’m amazed that there is the little person that calls me Mommy a zillion times a day!  It really the best thing in the whole world! 

Sort of the perfect way to end a pretty great day!  

I kinda needed a drink after driving around Houston all day…not loving driving a strange car in a strange city!

Oh, and when we got back to the hotel they were giving free champagne to all the tech conference attendees, which of course includes me!  🙂

I hope everyone had a lovely Mother’s Day weekend! 

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