Fun in Houston

What isn’t fun in Houston is driving.  Just saying. 

It’s really hard having zero clue what direction anything is.  Thank goodness for navigation, but I have to say the freeways here split in 2 or 3 different directions with very little notice.  I spend most my time hoping I’m in the lane I need only to find I’m not and have to backtrack/turn around taking 20 to 30 extra minutes.

What I love the most about Houston so far is all the parks and runner/walker only trails that weave their way all over the city.  Every block I find myself wanting to pull over and just take off on a trail for a run.  The trails are busy too, lot’s of runners and walkers out and about enjoying parks.  Love it!
So far we are sticking to the outdoors playing at the playground and swimming a lot!

 She love limes and lemons…silly girl!
 Love those two!
After dinner it was finally pool time!  Sky had been talking about swimming in the water all day long, she was so happy!
 Just hanging out with daddy talking about life. 

 She loved this water fall, it’s actually stone steps that the water flows over to heat it up and then cycles back to the pool,so it’s not freezing cold water. 

 My view while they were swimming.

Big deal that she is all the way in the water and enjoying it!
 Winding down after swimming! 
It looks like there are some storms rolling in tonight, so we are going to enjoy being outside today.  The sky is already full of heavy, storm looking clouds, and it’s windy, really windy, but hot still.
P.S. Super excited that I found a Lululemon!  I’m not much of a shopper on vacation, but I do love getting a new running skirt/tank/running item when I travel.  Every time I put my race day outfit on I’m reminded of where I got it and it makes me smile!   

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