TGIF Indeed

What a nice way to spend an afternoon!  Jan and Gentry gave me a gift certificate for a spa mani/pedi and lunch, and even offered to watch Sky while I enjoyed my spa time! 

I always feel a bit bad for anyone who has to work on my feet.  They aren’t as bad as sum runners feet are, but they have some issues for sure.  I got a few comments about the spots that needed extra attention, but it was worth it.  I love sitting back and letting someone else pamper me! 

Sky must have felt like it was up to her to pick up the slack in the running department today! 

I don’t even know how many laps she ran through the house yelling, “Mommy, I run so fast!”…indeed!  I couldn’t get a clear pic of her no matter how hard I tried.  Huge smile on her face the entire time…Girl loves to run!

I did get her to slow down enough to sort of get a selfie with her while we were laying on the floor talking about running fast.

Sky is a fan of close ups, and also pushing the camera button about 500 times.  Took a while to clear all the pics off my phone. 

I actually did get stuff done today, in between all the fun and pampering.  It’s nice to do all the work, go relax, then come home and play!  Nice way to spend a Friday for sure!  


Tell me something fun you are doing this weekend!


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