Oh my goodness even though we have rain here and there we have been having the most amazing sunny days!

 On a training call while Sky rode her bike! 

Sky and I were outside all day yesterday playing, and I was even able to get some training done while she enjoyed the sun!  I LOVE having an outdoors office!  🙂

We are having another beautiful day today which made the stroller group run this morning amazing!  I’ve said it before but the PNW is the place to be when the sun is shinning! 

I’m kinda sad to be leaving for Houston Sat because the weather is so nice here already!  Speaking of Houston…considering we leave in 2 days you would think I would be feeling more of a time crunch than I am.  I have zero packed for Sky and I…I don’t  know what I’m bringing to keep her happy in flight…and I have not planned any of our daily activities yet!  

I am starting some lists today though, and tomorrow will be the big errand running day/laundry day/get packed day.  Sounds like fun no?

For some reason I just haven’t felt like I need to plan everything this time.  The hotel has two pools and there is a huge (100’s of acres huge) park a few blocks from the hotel, so between those two things I’m sure Sky and I will have no trouble filling our days!     

I’m a little bummed it’s going to be a low to zero mile running week.  I’m still on a runners high from the Relay and want to run and run and run!  With Mark’s work schedule while there it’s just going to be tough to find Sky free time (no jogging stroller so can’t run with her) that will work for a run.    I keep telling myself that since PR training starts when we get home the week off is probably a good thing!


 A few pics from the last several days….

 This is how she watches cartoons 99.9% of the time.

Her “I’ll pose so you can take a picture and get out of my way” look.

 Popcorn and a movie with Daddy.

 She doesn’t nap very often, but when she does it’s in random spots! 

Mark ended up pulling up the sod in the front yard, there is just no drainage there and it was rotting/not growing/doing something strange that I don’t understand but I’m sure Mark does.  So we are opting for a patio of some sort with a gas fire pit perhaps.  In the meantime we can totally mud wrestle every time it rains!  🙂


Any suggestions on what to see and do while in Houston/surrounding area?!



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