Recovery Day!

I’m totally in a state of recovery over here.  I’m more sore after my 6 miles yesterday than I have been after some of my half’s.

It feels good in a twisted way though.  I pushed hard on a route I usually run a good 1:30 to 2:00 minutes slower per mile than I did Sunday, so it makes complete sense that my quads and butt are feeling it today.  Oddly enough my shins hurt to…ok now that I think about it not odd given the equal amount of down hill.

It’s been a compression sock, sweats kinda day…I didn’t even bother changing before going to my board meeting tonight either.  That is unheard of for me, when meeting with those that wear ties I tend to dress accordingly (I mean I only have to dress up once a month so it’s kinda fun), but I was sore enough today that I didn’t give a crap.  Plus oddly the meeting was over in less than 30 minutes, so I’m glad I didn’t get all done up! 

I’ve spent a ton of time rolling, using a ball on my foot, and a torture stick on my legs.  They feel better, but man I’m worn out!


I leave you with a pic of Sky from one of her walks with Grammy and Grampy…thank you Jan for sending me the pic!

 She loves dandelions!


How are you recovering from the weekend? 


P.S. Happy Cinco de Mayo…I totally spaced it and did nothing Cinco de Mayo’ish as all.  Fail!

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