Race Expo Friday!

I’m the worst blogger ever!!!  Sky and I met Michelle at the race expo to pick up the Relay Team Packets and look around and I didn’t take a single picture.  Boo…blogger fail. 

I tell you it seems like being part of Kicking Asphalt is a curse of some sort.  First Alex had to drop out due to injury, then Elya broke her ankle and was replaced, and then just this week Josh ended up with an injury and can’t run.  Thankfully his son Dev is going to run in his place. 

It’s kinda strange that Michelle and I are the only two original team members left.  I’m knocking on every piece of wood I can find, and considering renting bubbles for us to live in until 6am Sunday morning! 

I’m super thankful it’s all worked out though and it’s been pretty easy to find replacements as needed.  Everyone is ready to run Sunday morning, and I’m so excited to run my first relay!  

I totally missed the Thankful Thursday post yesterday because Sky and I had a play date at Elya’s house! 

When it’s this nice in the PNW anytime before July 4th (that seems to be the magical date that we start having amazing summer weather) you drop everything and get your booty outside and enjoy it!

Sky was upset to be in timeout so like a good friend Selah sat there with her and kept her company. 
After that we had an impromptu bbq with a few friends…again I failed as a blogger…I was too busy enjoying the sun, wine, and company and this is the only pic I got!  
 Rain boots and swimsuit totally normal no?

Sky and Mark were playing a mean game of basket ball and Sky got a ball right to her face.  She was more angry than hurt I think.
In life news I wanted to point out there is a new little box over on the right side of the blog for Jamberry Nails.  I’ve been using the wraps for a little over a month, and LOVE them! 

How cold I not love them…they have a runner girl wrap!

It just so happened that finding out about this company coincided with a little nudge I was feeling to figure out a way to try and earn some spending $$/contribute to the household income in some way.  After 3 years I’m a little antsy to work on/at something that is mine alone.  Since we don’t want to put Sky in daycare, and I really don’t love the idea of going back to a 9-5 office job I was a little stumped as to what my options were.  As a result I made the jump and became an Independent Consultant with Jamberry Nails!
This may just end up being a way for me to purchase a product I love at a great discount, or if I put the effort in and really work for it (which I am…I have a time frame in mind as to how long I’m going to give this my best effort and will reevaluate at that time) it may turn into a legit income.  
What does it mean for the blog, not much of a change really.  I have zero desire to push Jamberry on readers, friends, family.  The only reason I’m mentioning it is because this blog is about my life, and Jamberry is now part of my life.  So, I’m sure there are going to be pics or posts that mention my nails/Jamberry etc.  It’s really more a point of reference for readers.  
If you want to see what they are about great, the link to my site is in the box to the right.  If not, that’s fine as well.  
Who’s racing this weekend?  Let us know what finish line you’re chasing! 

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