Fun in the Sun!!

Sky started her duathlon training yesterday!  Take a look at her first biking/running adventure at the park! 

You know what this means…the day is coming when I can run while she bikes!  As much as I love pushing her in the stroller, she is getting heavy and it’s getting harder and harder!  She did about a mile yesterday…it was slow though…I never even had to fast walk to keep up with her.  So, you know maybe not a great speed workout. 

She loves her “bike” and asks to ride it every time we step outside the front door.  But, I realized yesterday she really must be a runner at heart, because she kept randomly jumping off her “bike” and taking off running.  Totally abandoning that cute little tricycle and dashing clear across the soccer fields, or down the path around the bend.

 There was a fork in the path ahead of her, and she was having a hard time deciding which way to go.
  Practicing for her future adidas sponsorship!  She’s was totally throwing her arms in the air and yelling “adidas” for all to hear.
Can we talk about this adorable outfit for just a second?!  I love that Costco carries cute adidas running outfits for tatter tots.  Sky was so excited about this pink outfit and in particular was a huge fan of the skirt.  She kept twirling about, talking about dressing like mommy, and randomly shouting out “adidas” on her ride through the park. 
She kept yelling at me, “no take off my skirt”…you know because I randomly take her cloths off in public.  I should probably get this outfit in the next 2 or 3 sizes up since she likes it so much! 
Loving the early summer sun and heat!  Breaking out the kiddy pool today in fact…gotta enjoy it while we have it!  
I particularly love the warm weather for the Tuesday night group run.  It just makes it so much more enjoyable when it’s nice out.  Makes it harder to work on speed, but still so much better than dark rainy runs!
Stroller group run this morning and then I’m done until I take on the hills Sunday!  So excited to run my first relay race!  
Happy hump day everyone…enjoy it! 

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