Drink With Two Hands

Just a quick post today to share something I’ve been thinking about every since I read about drinking coffee with two hands over on Under The Sycamore.  
I don’t know about anyone else, but I usually walk around the house picking up, getting things done with my coffee.  Or I’m doing this while enjoying my coffee…

Mommy/blogger multitasking for the win…or maybe not. 

Ever since reading Ashley’s post a few weeks ago I’m making more of an effort to drink my coffee, wine, water, tea etc with two hands.  I can’t tell you how much more “in the moment” time I’ve had (especially with Sky…our conversations are so much fun!), and let me tell you, it’s way more fulfilling than anything I would have gotten done trying to multitask!  Plus, I don’t misplace my coffee or wine nearly as much!  

Such a simple concept!  Please check out her Post…it’s worth it! 


P.S. Mark is doing a training class from home all week which means I have very limited computer/internet access during the day.  If I’m on the internet the same time he is for class it jams up the connection and either stops his class or causes it to run so slowly he can’t keep up.  So, I’ll either be posting less this week and/or having to get up extra early/stay up later to get it done.

I don’t mind though…it’s getting warmer and warmer leading up to 80 on Thursday, so Sky and I will be outside playing in the sun and drinking our iced tea with two hands!  🙂 

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