Weekend in Pics

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Ours was busy with friends/family, projects around the house, and best of all taking Sky to her first movie in the theater!  Rio 2 for the win!  Super cute movie and I totally want the soundtrack! 

I started today with what was supposed to be a 6 mile run, but that didn’t happen.  I got 4 fast miles in before things derailed and I walked/slow jogged the last 2 miles home.  No injury, so no worries there.  I had a bloody nose the entire run, and I ate either the wrong thing before running, or there was too much time between eating and running…got really dizzy and light headed/vision turning black on the edges, so I walked/slow jogged the last two miles. 

Not much to prove on a training run for a relay leg that is a distance I don’t really need to train for.  Figured it was better to play it safe and get home in one piece.  I’ll totally be ready to take on my 6 mile leg of the relay next Sunday!  Looking forward to it actually.  Bring on the hills 5 Mile Drive, I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again!

A look at the rest of our weekend (the only thing I don’t have pics of is dinner with Elya, Ryan and the kiddos, dinner with Gentry (Mark’s Dad), and the work Mark and I did outside the house)…

 Ending my weekend with Ginger Beer! 

 I was way overdue for a haircut…feels so light and free after Eleanor works her magic!

 I think this wall/entry way into Embellish Salon is the coolest in T Town!

 Mark installed some wire rack’s (up by the inset for the fan…lot’s of unused space up there!) for extra storage of spices and seasonings that I don’t use as often.  Sky was oh so helpful.

 Reading her plane book…getting her ready/excited to fly to Houston in a week! 

 The weather today was stupid..rain, sun, storm clouds, bright sun, hot, cold…just all over the place.  So, Mark decided it was time for Sky’s first trip to the movie theater.  She did pretty great.  Got a bit restless, but Rio 2 is the follow up to the first movie she fell in love with, so she was totally into it!

 Girl loves motorcycles.  She hears them go past the house and even when she can’t see the road will say “It’s a motorcycle!”  She begs to ride the one that Costco has in the front of the store.  Please, please don’t let her first vehicle be a two wheeled one!

 We spent a good hour laying in bed snuggling and hiding (from what I have no idea) under the covers.
    I can see once again!  Had an eye appointment Saturday morning and I needed it!  Things had gotten a tad blurry the last few months.  Basically I’m getting old, but it’s ok age is just a number and as long as I can run I don’t care what that number is!
What is your go too beer?
This orange ginger beer may be my new go to beer! 
What’s the weather like where you live?  
All I know is today was crazy.  It felt like weather whiplash.  Even more crazy 80 by Thursday?!  I just hope it cools off again for the Tacoma City Marathon Sunday! 
Anyone else love the Rio soundtracks?
I loved the first one, but Rio 2 has it beat big time!

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