Thankful Thursday!

Today I’m thankful for:

-Managing to get all the grocery shopping done, and unloaded from the car without getting rained on once!  I timed things right today!

-That the Steelers have a week 12 Bye (perfect timing!), and they only play one game outside their time zone!  Plus, there are several prime time games so I’ll get to see them play a few times this season!  Thank you NFL!

-That Elisabeth at Running on E answered the 10 questions I posted yesterday (in the comments).  Go check out her blog and say HI!  

-Late afternoon naps in odd places that don’t affect how easily she goes to bed! 

 Yesterday around 5 pm…woke up for dinner and then went to bed and was out by 7:30, slept until 7:00 this morning!  She loves her sleep! 

-The ability to laugh at myself and my A-typical runners body!

-That Sky is taking a nap today and I have a few moments of peace to blog, eat a very late lunch, and finish putting groceries away. 


What are you thankful for today?

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