Big 2015 Racing News!!!!!!!!!

Oh my goodness I’m so, so, so, so excited to share my news…but first…

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter!  No matter what you believe, or how you celebrate/recognize the day I hope it was happy. 

We spent the morning re-hanging our pictures/decorations.  We packed up a lot of stuff thinking we may list our house, and so we could finish painting the rooms that needed it, but since we are staying put it was time to unpack the last box!  I’m not allowed to hang things on the walls, for good reason, I’m the queen of crooked, but I guess Sky isn’t…

Helping Daddy create the family/friends only wall.  Meaning no prints/art work only pics of family and friends and our adventures.
 “Yo, whazz up”?  That hat is entirely too much, but she picked it out herself and loves it!
After a morning of hanging pics and cooking we headed to the parents to spend Easter with Mark’s family.  
She’s saying “Happy Easter, Hi Grandpa”!

Fun times, Sky loved hunting for Easter Eggs, but didn’t much care about what was in them.  Yummy food, and lovely company!  Ever so grateful for the sun and warmth today!   Ton’s more pics on Mark’s camera, which got left behind
Ok I can’t wait any longer…there is a pretty exciting (to me anyway) update on the Race Bucket List page, but I won’t make you click on it to find out what it is… 
Santa Barbara Wine Country Half May 2015…here I come, and Michelle too!!!  
The only, only way this race would be possible is if we could stay with my SIL who lives in SB.  I connected with her this weekend, and she is more than happy to let us couch surf for a few days! Thankfully I have enough airline miles to get me there and back, so now I’m saving pennies for registration, which is pricey, but going to be totally worth it…WINE tasting, oh and running a beautiful half!  
I am so excited!!!!!!  Plus, it’s close to my b-day, so it will be the perfect way to celebrate 40!  
Ok, I’m totally a for real runner…wanting to race instead of party for my 40th!?!?!  I remember the day’s when I used to say, “I’ll never run/be a runner”.  Jokes on me!

Anyone run the Santa Barbara Wine Country Half?  Any Feedback/heads up?

Who else is getting up early tomorrow to watch the Boston Marathon coverage?
I have Amy’s bib number, and have several other peeps running, so I’m getting up to watch/track what I can!
How far out do you plan your race schedule?  
I’m always looking about a year ahead, the only way I can afford to keep racing on a single income is to get the best price possible, which almost always means opening day registration.

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