Thankful Thursday

I try really hard to have one day a week that Sky and I get to stay home and just be.  We may stay in PJ’s all day and skip brushing our hair, or we may go play at the park or get coffee and a scone.  Regardless of what we do it’s always unplanned and usually ends up being my favorite day of the week.

Today I’m thankful for the little moments of heart melting joy that result from slowing down and being in the moment with my tater tot.

We laid on the bed and talked and cuddled for over an hour.  We talked about how much fun preschool is going to be, that she gets to fly on a plane in a few weeks, and we examined all the lovely colors and squares on the quilt.  

 You can see her head sticking out of the covers in the top right of the photo.

We played a bit too.  She loves hiding under the blankets and pretending she’s asleep, then we rolled around a bit and wrestled and worked up an appetite for crackers and apples.  

 Blurry, but we were rolling around.

I know that in about 10 years (give or take 9 years) the last thing she’ll want to do is lay in bed and talk about life with me, so I’ll take every second of it I can get now!


How was your Thursday?  

Tell me one thing  you’re thankful for today!

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