Boston Strong & Other Stuff

I can’t post today and not at least mention the events that took place one year ago. 

Simply put my thoughts are with all those that were there (injured or not, present when the bombs went off or not…it’s still a footnote to the marathon experience regardless of finishing/not finishing etc), with all those (runners, volunteers, spectators, anyone in Boston that day) that are recovering from physical/mental/emotional injuries, and with the families that lost loved ones. 

It’s what I’ll be thinking about during my run this evening.


Just a note – I changes the name of my Instagram account so that it ties in with the blog, and takes my personal name off the account.  The old link won’t work, but all the old pictures are there since it’s the same account, just with a new name.  You can follow brokentequila (me!) on Instagram at: the link is also to the Right.

I have been reading so many blogger safety posts lately and #1 tip is that all the social media accounts tied to the blog should be the blog name, not your personal name, so I decided to make the change.

P.S. – No I have not had any issues/scares…just following sound advice.


Over the weekend Michelle and I had the pleasure of staying at the Fort Casey Inn on Whidbey Island.  Originally built as officer housing prior to the Civil War (according to the plaque in our cabin) or the First World War (according to the website), so I don’t know which it is, but leaning towards the Civil War based on the decor etc.  Regardless is was the most cost effective lodging we could find on the Island that was close to the start/finish line. 

I had no idea what we were in store for since the confirmation email made it clear it was pretty basic with power, but no other outside contact (TV, Radio, WiFi).  Sounded great to me because I love nothing more than a good book for hours on end, but turns out they have upgraded a bit and there was WiFi, and the alarm clocks in the rooms had AM/FM. 

It was all pretty basic, but fully functioning with electric heat, microwave in the kitchen along with all the other “normal” kitchen stuff.  And the view was amazing! 

The sunrise from Michelle’s room.  Photo Credit – Michelle
 The main room…we ended up doing a puzzle on the floor with the fire going.  Photo Credit – Michelle
 My room…the bed’s were really firm!

 Love the claw-foot bathtub…we didn’t use it, but it was still a cool feature. 

Michelle’s Room.
Aside from the firm beds and really old plumbing (lets be honest it could hardly handle two runners pre-race) it was a charming and very quiet place to stay.  It would actually be fun to go back with the families and make use of the hiking trails, and bring our discovery passes along so we can explore the parks near the Inn.  I would totally stay there again!  
A few more non-race pics from the weekend…
 I thought it was funny my GPS had the car driving on the water.

 Liquid carb loading at lunch the day before.  First time I have every had a drink (had a glass of wine with dinner later that night as well, along with lot’s of water all day long) the day before a race, and you know what I couldn’t tell a difference.

 We visited the start line the day before to scope out parking and make sure we knew where to go.   Nice little beach next to the festivities.

 This was a random little park we found and it ended up being a nice little spot to spread a blanket and read for a while before heading off to dinner.  Very relaxing! 
 Enjoying the sun, breeze and views!  Photo Credit – Michelle

I have to say I feel pretty great today!  I usually don’t run with the group Tuesday Night after running a half, but I am tonight, because I feel that good, and like I’m ready to run again.  If this is what 39 feels like then I’m going to have a very good year!  😉


Anyone else drink beer, wine, other alcohol before a race?  

I usually don’t drink any alcohol 5 to 7 days leading up to a race, but I didn’t do that this time around.  I had wine with dinners during the week and the beer and wine the day before.  But, I also made an effort to drink a ton of water too.  I felt the best I ever have for a race this time around, so who knows if drinking or not makes a huge difference.  There are a lot of other factors that go into how you feel race day.   


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