Thankful Thursday!

Oh my goodness what a busy couple of days!  Yesterday got turned upside down with Sky being sick.  She has a raging little cold going on.  Better today than yesterday, but still she is not comfortable at all. 

Which means tons and tons of cuddling, and no visit with the grandparents yesterday.  Thankfully I didn’t have anything scheduled for the afternoon so we did nothing but this…

Cuddling in the rocking chair (btw that chair is from my sister and I being babies, we just brought it in from storage in the garage).  
I was once again so very thankful for the jogging stroller!  Since it can be fully enclosed when needed I just stick her in it with some of her favorite things and close it up so no one is exposed to her germs, and she is cozy and happy.  And, that allowed me to get my last run in before race day!  
Sadly I think Sky shared her cold with me, so nice of her.  It’s ok…I’m going to run, have fun, and finish no matter what.  Gargling salt water, and drinking tons of water with oranges squeezed into it in the hopes my sore throat will die down by Sunday.  Keeping my fingers crossed!
A few things I’m thankful for: 
-That Sky took a nap yesterday afternoon.  I was a little surprised since her nose is so plugged she can’t breath and therefor doesn’t really want to lay down.  But, it allowed me to deal with an ingrown toenail…didn’t really want to run 13.1 with that…and it feels so much better today!  It gave me time to do my nails too…
 I love this fun design! 

That even though she’s sick we made it through grocery shopping with zero issues, and was very chipper through an oil change and car wash.  
Those glasses are too much, and she is too cute!  She kept waiving a the oil change guys.
-This may seem like a strange thing to be thankful for…
…but we needed that rock to finish Bishop’s new kennel area.  And, thanks to Bob, Josh and Rick for coming over and helping Mark transport it to the kennel and spread it out, because that means Bishop comes home tomorrow!!!!  Sky is going to be so excited!  
-Dad is making a day trip tomorrow, across the state, so he can work on the shoulder and hip that have been hurting.  I can keep it in check on my own, but he can fix it for good.  So looking forward to being pain free at the start line! 
-That even when she’s sick she is still so full of fun and life and smiles.  
 Her new perch for watching movies.
-Sun, very thankful for the lovely sunny days we are having.  And, that it’s supposed to last through Sunday.  Warm, but not too warm = perfect!  
-That tomorrow is Taco night!  
What are you thankful for?

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