Tapering Sky Style

The amazing, and yes sometimes frustrating thing, about being a parent is adjusting your personal agenda.

I was all set for run group tonight, but the nice weather early in the day and Sky asking for a “no stroller run” made it easy for me to make a quick adjustment (I didn’t bail on Michelle…she couldn’t make run group tonight…so it really did work out perfectly).  Thankfully I’m tapering so I was able to make this adjustment without having to add a “real” run later in the week.  For the record if I was in the middle of training or training for a PR/specific goal then I wouldn’t be as quick to bail on my plans (and I wouldn’t bail on a running partner) and do what Sky wants.

But, when I can let things go her way I’m always happy with the results!  We got in 3.1, I know this because the loop we ran/walked was a regular training loop for me, most of it at a Sky paced trot.  We had a few photo opp stops and Sky distraction stops, but her little legs still carried her 3.1 miles all by themselves, without a single hint of complaint/being tired.

I obviously took some liberty with the photo editing abilities of the A Beautiful Mess app on my phone, and did some additional/initial editing in Google+…that accounts for the color difference from pic to pic.

 My favorite trail at Ft. Steilacoom Park!
 I can count the number of times on one hand (and not use all my fingers) that she has asked to hold my hand on a walk.  My heart was melting.
 There are some pretty bad a$$ graffiti artists that frequent the park/ruins form the old mental hospital.
 I think this is an odd spot for and innocent child’s bench, but next family photo shoot we do with our photographer we are making use of it!
 What I heard over and over today…”Run with me Mommy, run with me”, “Come on, we can do it”, “No hands in pockets Mommy, run” and when we got back to the car, “we did it, we did it”!  

This is by far my fave picture from the day.  She has a hard time with the whistling/spitting/blowing thing, so this process took a very long time.  She would try to blow and blow and nothing would happen, but she would pause and flash the biggest smile my way.  Then she figured out she could hold the flower in the air while running and watch the floating things take off in the air.

While today didn’t go according to my plan, it do according to the plan and that is good enough for me!

Back at it tomorrow though…stroller group run, and then I’m done until race day!


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