Thankful Thursday – The Birthday Version

Today’s post is a mixed bag.  I’m thankful for sure, but I have other things to talk about as well.

Today I’m Thankful For:
-My life and the people in it.  The interactions may not be daily, and they may be one time only, or internet/social media only but every single person contributes in some why to my life and I’m thankful for that!

-To celebrate another birthday today…the alternative isn’t great, which is why turning another year older doesn’t bother me!

-Life just keeps getting better and better with each passing year.  My 30’s have been amazing!  I’m excited to see what this last year starting with a 3 will bring me.

-The last few days have been great weather.  It’s nice to get the stretches of sun between the stretches of rain.  Spring in the PNW!

-Taper!  I’m loving the taper for sure!  

-That I get to start my day with Elya helping her out, and that Sky gets a morning of play with her kiddos.  Really hoping that translates into her taking a nap so I can pack for the weekend!

-Discovering that I can get Sky to fall asleep for a little bit of a nap if I drive around long enough, and discovering some pretty cool areas/views on said drives.

The view from a “new to me” street I found while driving Sky around.

I have had some birthday $$/and purchases from my Dad for a while now.  (Remember when Sky and I got stuck in E WA…we celebrated Dad’s birthday, and mine back then…super early for both, because we knew that was the only time we’d see each other).  Some of the birthday goodies…

 Athleta Aspire Ankle Pant I know they don’t look like much in the picture above, but they are amazing, and I love them!  I’m telling you ladies that Athleta is stepping up the game this season!  So many great workout inspired/quality items that transition to date night, running around town etc in style and comfort! 

Old Navy Perfect Fit tanks.  They also happen to be on sale right now, this very minute for $5…normally run around $10.  I wear them every day, alone or under zip ups/T’s/sweatshirts.  I needed to replace the charcoal gray one and added some fun spring colors as well!

Coach cross body file bag.  I can’t tell you how long I’ve had my eye on the cross body bags.  I belong to their online discount store and while the discount is pretty great it was still not enough to make me pull the trigger.  A while ago they showed the new spring line and offered discount on top of discount and free shipping.  It was timed perfectly with the birthday $$ so I was finally was able to order the bag!  I love it, and it forces me to only put what I really need in it, so I’m not lugging around a back-breaking huge purse anymore!

Up close of the print.  I’m not a huge fan of big bold logo’s/labels so I like how subtle the C is and I love the spring colors of the stripes.  It makes me happy!

Lastly I got lot’s of fun prints for the nail wraps I have fallen in love with!  Jamberry wraps are pretty great!  They last a lot longer than polish does on my nails, and the prints are just fun!

One of the shinny metallic wraps…great for an evening out!

I actually took this pic to show off my single lady hand.  Went in to get my ring cleaned yesterday only to find two of the prongs were cracked almost all the way through.  Thank goodness I didn’t loose the diamond!  I’m ring-less until Monday and it feels really strange!

Not pictured are the races I registered for…The Tacoma Narrows Half and the You Go Girl Half.  I also ordered Half Fanatic Arm Warmers so I can sport my HF gear when it’s too cold for the singlet.  As a side note I can’t believe that I only have two more races to register for and then all my target races for the year will paid for and on the calendar…kinda crazy to see my year in running mapped out!

Thank you Dad for the $$ that turned into awesome birthday gifts! 

Today is pretty low key.  But, tomorrow we leave for a long weekend in Manzanita with the Beckham’s.  So looking forward to spending some time on the OR Coast and getting away for a few days to celebrate my birthday!  Looking forward to the wine and the steaks too!  

Running before long weekend though!  Michelle and I are getting our 8 miler done early tomorrow morning.  We wanted to get the run done so we can kick back and relax the rest of the weekend!  Last “long” run before race day…I’m getting excited and feel ready! 


What are you thankful for today?

Birthday’s…fun or dreaded?
Getting older has never bothered me…yet anyway.

Storms on the beach or bright sunny days?
I actually really love a good storm!  Something about watching the waves and stormy sky over the ocean that I’m drawn to.

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