No Fools Around Here

Can I just say this is my absolute least favorite day of the year, ok minus the fact it’s our friends daughters birthday…that is April 1st only redeeming quality.

I just don’t think there is anything funny or caring about playing jokes on people, and making them feel stupid.  That’s just my opinion, the majority of the world disagrees with me.  Thankfully no one targeted me today, so I wasn’t too irritated. 

Instead of playing jokes on anyone Sky and I spent the morning at Frog n Kiwi.  She had a nasty cough for  weeks, and while I don’t feel like she was sick that whole time, other parents don’t know that.  Out of respect for others I keep her home from public play places/classes when she’s like that. 

The only problem was she asked to go to Frog n Kiwi every day for over a month.  It was getting ugly the longer I had to keep telling her no.  So, even though it’s spring break I braved it and took her to play, and for the first 45 min it was just Sky and one other tot.  Perfection!  It actually wasn’t all that busy thankfully.  She had a blast!

How cool are my nails?!

Once we got home Sky was happy doing her own thing/enjoying a snack (she was tired!) and I got to read for a bit.  I have a hard time fitting in even 30 minutes to read my books, and I happen to be in middle of a really good one.  It was really nice to have a few moments to myself to kick up my feet and read a few pages.   

It got even better when I got an evening run in!  I am so excited that the training schedule once again allows me to make it to run group.  I miss the Tuesday night group when I can’t be there.  When I’m in the midst of the double digit long run weeks I just can’t swing Tuesday night and then Wednesday morning with the stroller group.  My legs are getting closer and closer (as in my last year of being in my 30’s starts in 2 days!) to 40 and getting tired easier.  I had to skip the run group the last several weeks, and it was so nice to rejoin them tonight for a lovely sunny evening run!   

In fact it was such a nice evening that I took a little detour on the way home because the beautiful colors in the evening sky were calling to me!

Not the view from our house.  I found a great spot in Steilacoom to get a pic of the sunset.
I love living in the PNW!  Look one way and it’s the Puget Sound…look the other way and it’s Mt. Rainier.  Tons of green, lot’s of trees, mild winters, pretty great summers, and very few (if any) poisonous spiders/snakes.  Not bad at all!

Tell me…Group running or solo running? 
I like a little of both!
Thoughts on April Fools Day?

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