The Best and Most Wet 10 Miles…Totally Random Post!

We got it done…10 miles in the wind and rain!  Shout out to Michelle, that’s the longest run she’s done in months and with no training leading up to it, but she got it done!  Not once did she complain or mention being tired, sore, ready to be done.  She was a champ for sure! 

Especially considering we were soaking wet, from head to toe.  Every single layer was soaked, watch, cell phone, MP3 player all soaked.  Left puddles in my car soaked.

The morning started out looking like this…

 We dropped my car off at the water front since we were running point to point.  Totally thought we were going to have nice weather for our run. 
…but by the time we left my car there and drove to Michelle’s house to start the run is was pouring rain.  Less than a mile in I had already soaked my feet running through a big puddle and it was just more wet, wet, wet from there.  
 It may not look like it, but we were dripping water all over the car, both of us are soaked all the way through!  Photo credit: Michelle.
You know what though…I don’t mind at all.  I really don’t think Whidbey can hand us anything I/we haven’t faced on a training run (unless it’s like 50 MPH wind, or something crazy like that).  I’m confident that if we can get through the wind and rain we faced today we will be fine race day.  
Every time I started to feel less than thrilled I just thought about Elya.  I know she would happily take running in the wind and rain over being stuck on the couch with a bum ankle.  It helped put it all in perspective.  
Plus, we got to see this…
…a Bald Eagle flew right over our heads…it was so cool!  It made the frozen fingers that we couldn’t even bend worth it for sure! 
I discovered that heated seats with a soaking wet/sweaty runner make for a worse than wet dog smell!  Yep, I just called myself out.  I was wet and sweaty and cold, and adding the heat to that made for a really funky ride home.  The thought did cross my mind that the water running off me onto the seat would possible short out the seat heater and I would electrocute myself, but I was so cold it was worth the risk!  I have no idea if that’s even a possibility.
I was actually thankful for the 10 miles today once we were done.  I had a few issues (blisters being one of them, not due to my shoes, but due to my hip hurting and changing my gate/stride) during the 12 mile run last weekend, and those issues totally stressed me out.  But, today during 10 none of those things were issues.  It may have been windy and wet, but I felt like it was a better run from an issues standpoint for me, and now I feel a lot more confident about race day!  
Yesterday, I got to start my day with Elya and her kiddos.  She isn’t mobile yet, so I got to Elya sit, and make sure the kiddos didn’t get into too much mischief.  Sky had an absolute blast playing with the girls and dressing up in 4 outfits at once.  She rocks the layered look for sure!  It was nice to spend time with my friend, snuggle with the baby, and help out in a small way.  
Then later that evening we got to hang out with Ryan & Elya, and Bob & Michelle, as well as others at an auction.  It was nice to enjoy good food, a dessert dash that resulted in cake Mark could actually eat, winning some pretty cool items for Sky (she is going to flip over the train ride we won!) and tickets to EMP in Seattle for Mark and I, all while supporting a great cause.  
 Our table got the tall white cake on the left with the carrots on it.  It was Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan cake.  Totally Mark safe, and yummy!  

Date night!
Sky spent the night with Grampy and Grammy and I tell you that is the best.  It’s so nice to know she is being well cared for, and is in a happy place having fun.  It worked out well too because we were able to grab a glass of wine with Bob and Michelle before heading home, and I was able to get up and out the door for my run easy! 
A couple of things that make me happy!
 If my morning doesn’t start like this (i.e. time to myself before Sky is up) then a blog post isn’t going to happen most likely.  Some morning are easier to get out of bed when the 5 am alarm goes off.  I really crave that time to myself though before she is up!

I love that even though he could get the job done quicker and with less hassle Mark is always willing to let Sky hang with him outside (unless it’s something too dangerous for her to be around).
Who else ran this weekend?  

Would you rather run in the Wind or Rain?
Coolest wildlife you’ve ever seen on a run?
P.S. Don’t forget Amy’s interview on the blog Monday!  

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