Change in Plans For Whidbey Island

Before I update you all on the Whidbey Island situation I have to share this pic of Sky!  It has nothing to do with Whidbey Island, but I wanted to share a cute fun pic before sharing some sad news/doing a post without a pic (I’m ok/still running). 

Cake before bedtime…awesome plan!
She asked to watch Super Why yesterday and it was all about how to bake a cake.  So of course she started asking, as nice as can be with please and thank you tossed in, if she could have some cake.  Since I had a run at 6pm, Mark and Sky decided to have a cake date.  Thankfully I got home in time to watch her enjoy it!  Also, thankfully she was only up 30 extra minutes until the sugar crash hit and she went to bed just fine!  

On to Whidbey…this is a little bit hard for me and makes me sad.  I debated on even sharing what happened on the blog, but figured those that have been reading long enough are going to notice the change in running partner and wonder what the heck is up. 

Sadly Elya will not be able to run Whidbey Island this year.  She was enjoying her son’s birthday party Sunday and in the process ended up badly breaking her ankle.  She had surgery last night and had a bunch of hardware installed to repair ligament damage and the break itself.  I got a text from her around 9pm letting me know she was home and doing ok.

While I’m sad, and still can’t really believe this happened I know it must be a million times harder for her than me emotionally.  And yet, as always, Elya is handling this with so much grace and faith.  She has every right to be angry, sad, stressed etc. and yet somehow she is able to remain upbeat, positive, and is planning which finish lines she can cheer from until she is back to running again.

 We’ll get back to this Elya!

To say I’ll miss my Elya running time is an understatement.  I just got my running time with her back after her pregnancy/birth, and now to go without again just makes me sad.  Of course there will be play dates at her place, coffee, and yummy food so I still get some time with my friend.  But, there is something different about running with a friend.  It brings out something more in a friendship, makes it richer and fuller.  I’m counting down the days until we can start walking at the park, and eventually get back to running together! 

What to do with a registration that can’t be deferred?  Thankfully Elya was willing to let someone else run in her place, and Michelle was willing to get 1/2 ready in 3 weeks!  I am truly blessed with amazing friends in my running life (and my non running life as well!).  While I could have always opted to run alone (and would have if I couldn’t find anyone to run in Elya’s place/they had let her defer) I went into this one as a social/fun run.  I have serious solo races coming up and wanted this one to be a fun/relaxing half to start my season.  I’m thankful that I get to run it with a friend still.

So, the plan is we ran 5 miles last night, are running 10 (the easiest most flat 10 miles I could come up with) Saturday morning and we’ll see how Michelle feels.  I follow a training plan that has the long run at 12 miles, but I hold onto the thought that if a person can run 10, they can run 13.1.  We just need to get some miles on her legs, and then a quick taper for me.  I’m actually adjusting my run’s during the week so that I’m sticking to the weekly taper miles even though I’m doing longer runs on the weekend than the taper calls for.

The other plan is I keep hearing how amazingly beautiful this course is and there are great views, so if we need/want to we are going to stop and take pictures and just enjoy a nice, easy (being a relative term…it’s still a half!) 13.1.  🙂 

Please send well wishes/thought’s Elya’s way.  She’s got some pain and recovery to get through with 4 kiddo’s (one of them being a NB) at home.  She has an amazing husband and support system, but still it won’t be easy. 


Best injury recovery advice? 


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