Happy Monday!

Call me crazy but I kind of like Mondays!  It’s the start to a new week (yes I know the week actually starts on Sunday, but “real” life (school/work) start on Monday) and I always kinda feel like something exciting may happen during the week.

More often than not it ends up being a regular old week with nothing too overly exciting, but still the possibility is there.  Sort of like getting the mail every day.  I know it’s probably going to be mostly junk or bills, but still I get a little excited every day to check the mail box.  I’m silly, and I’m ok with that!  
I accidentally took a blog break Friday.  I was all ready to type up a big Happy Birthday post to my Dad, but the sun was out, and Sky was challenging, and life happened.  So I sent him texts and said Happy Birthday on FB and called it good.  We got to talk on the phone that evening as well, albeit not about anything pleasant (family health situation) but at least we got to talk, and we did celebrate his birthday a few weeks ago when Sky and I were in E WA, so he didn’t get totally ripped off.  🙂  
A quick catch up:
-Bank account fraud sucks…but the bank is taking care of it and me so it’s all going to be fine.  
-12 mile long run done, and done rather well I might add.  We both had tummy issues, but the run itself was pretty great and I felt awesome after.  I will have way more to say about why I felt awesome after in the next few days!  
-100 Happy Days…has anyone else heard of this/done it?  
The basic idea is you post a picture of something that makes you happy for 100 days…you can read more about it here 100 Happy Days
Pick your platform (FB, Instagram, Twitter etc and use the above hash-tag to participate.  I’m using Instagram if you want to follow along for the next 100 days.  I think it’s sad that 71% of people don’t complete the challenge because they are too busy.  Too busy to be happy = that’s just sad.  
Here’s what made me happy yesterday (day1)…
Mimosa and Coffee…make me super happy!  It helped that Sky, and therefor we, slept in until 7am!

-Amazing weather all weekend long resulted in tons of outside work for the babe and tons of outside play time for the baby and I!  (When she hit’s 3 I will have to stop calling her the baby!).  
It was really hard to take this picture with 1 hand while trying to hold on to her and keep us both from falling off the swing, and not drop my phone.

Vague Blogging reveal…I mentioned a while ago that we were going through an exciting process that may or may not result in something.  Well the process was we were looking at houses.  Several factors prompted us to dip our toes in and see what was out there, if we could find something a little bigger in a better school district.  You know what I found out…I really love our home.  Would it be nice to have an extra room and a bigger kitchen sure, but our house is kinda perfect for us for right now.  Good location for Sky and I and all our activities, and we are almost done doing everything we can/everything we want to do.  So, we are sitting tight for now and will reevaluate the closer we get to me going back to work.  (Now that I’ve said that watch Mark find the perfect property and house!).    
-Eating out is always an adventure with a tot.  I love that she will try anything and helps us see food in a new and exciting way.
  Pho and Bubble Tea (my day 2 #100HAPPYDAYS pic)

She saw a picture of bubble tea on the menu and ordered it for herself when the waitress took our order. She said please even and ordered it like she knew what she was doing.  Strawberry flavor for the win!
-Drinks at a new to me location with Michelle.  I didn’t take a picture (blogger fail) so you’ll never know if it really happened or not I guess.  The ginger mojito was really good though!  
Who’s going to be be happy for 100 days?!  

Tell me 1 happy/exciting thing from your weekend! 

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