Thankful Thursday!

Oh man, today has had it’s challenges with the tater tot and her fit throwing.  But, you know what it could be worse for sure!

Things I’m Thankful For Today:

-The first day of spring has been kind to us in the PNW!!

-That we got play time in at the park before things got ugly.  And, we were there so early we were alone!

-That I didn’t get upset or yell or anything when Sky hit the ground and threw an epic fit in Starbucks this morning.  I just scooped her up and we left.  I didn’t even care that I didn’t get my coffee.  It was sort of comical really, especially the 5 minutes of wrestling it took to get her back in the truck.  She was not having it.  She’s still not thrilled with me or life.  Thankfully she’s spending lot’s of time on her own in her room (her choice, the door is open and she can come out any time she wants), she just doesn’t want to be around me, and that’s ok.  It’s allowing me to enjoy the next bullet point!   

-March Madness, being a stay at home mom has it’s perks, even with the fits thrown in.

-Really fun nails, they just make me smile every time I look down and see them.  It’s the small things folks! 

-That Tony, and Tacoma City Marathon Association, are helping to build the love of running in “our” tater tot’s.  Sky, and one of her friends, were given left over race bling from the St. P Day 1/2, and she hasn’t stopped wearing it and talking about how pretty it is. 

Princes dress and a race medal…life is good!
-I have new running tights to test out on my 6 miler with Elya this afternoon, and it’s sunny!  
How cool are these?!?!?!
More on the CW-X compression tights, and the opportunity to test em out in the next few weeks.  I need to log some miles in them and wash em before I share my thoughts.    
-For getting stupid little things, like returning a few items etc, taken care of.  Some tasks aren’t hard, but they are just annoying to get done.  I managed to make the most of my 2 Sky free hours yesterday and get several little things done!
-That Starbucks is going to start serving wine at some locations.  I hope one of the locations is near me!  Spiked coffee for the win!  😉
-For my foam roller…it’s becoming my best friend!  
-I’m thankful for leftovers.  I don’t need to cook before heading out the door to run.  That’s hard sometimes, leaving yummy food behind to go run.
Tell me one thing you’re thankful for today! 

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