Almost Taper Time!

This training cycle has actually been a lot of fun, and while I feel ready for race day I also feel like I need a break before we hit the start line. 

I know most runners hate the taper, but I love it!  Mostly because I feel like I need it by the time it rolls around.  I have zero issues bringing the miles down and letting my legs rest.  I suspect that the birthday in a few weeks may have something to do with why I’m feeling so ready for a break.  Getting older doesn’t bother me in the least, (I’m not one of those girls who’s 29 every year), but I have to say the further I get from 29 the more I need my rest.

In an effort to get through the highest mile week of training healthy (fighting a cold/cough) and injury free (foam rolling and trigger pointing like a mad woman) I totally switched things up.  I skipped run group last night, and pushed off all the running to the second half of the week.  Once the long runs get long it’s just too hard to run Tuesday night and turn around and run with the stroller group Wed morning.  Since my commitment is to the stroller group, Tuesday gets dropped for a few weeks.  

The last high mile push starts today, and I’m ready to enjoy the last few long runs with Elya, then start taking it down a notch and resting up/getting ready for race day!

Sky and I spent the last few days enjoying the lack of running, and the nice weather by playing outside as much as possible!

I love that she gets up early because it means we are usually the first ones (and only ones) at the park and have the place to ourselves for the most part.

 Love the sunlight in this pic!
Look Mommy…no hands!
It took a while, but she finally got brave and slid down all by herself!
 After a full morning of play she asked to watch a movie in our bed so she could rest.
Thankful that today is the last day of winter!  Ready for spring showers that bring flowers, and summer!  Ok, really I’m just ready for summer sun and camping…I cold do without the spring showers!



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