Thankful Thursday

Today I’m Thankful For:

-Conversations with my Dad.  No matter what, happy, sad, stressful, just catching up I love talking to him. 

-That it was Thankful Thursday today…I was not feeling very kind/tolerant/charitable/ towards the majority of people I came into contact with.  Or, more like our vehicles almost came in contact.  It’s just thoughtless and selfish to speed through school zones and then pretend to side swipe the person (me) that was doing the speed limit in the school zone.  Between the 3 to 4 school zones and 3 construction zones I go through to get anywhere through our part of town I see horrific driving behavior every single day.  😦

But, every time I got angry and wanted to go all road rage on them I reminded myself it was Thankful Thursday, and what did I have to be thankful for instead.  P.S. I’m thankful I’m not a dumb ass driver! 

-That Mark is such a hard worker and spends so much time making our house/outside look so nice.  He has been working non-stop the last few days (it’s been sunny and dry, so pulling up sod and loading up a dumpster of yard waist) all to get ready to make Bishops kennel nice and pretty, and finish the back yard. 

-For shopping trips with Sky…

When is the last time you enjoyed grocery shopping this much?!
-For Boxed wine…recommended by my Aunt and Uncle who are in the industry…
 This is really good, ad really on sale at FM right now! 
-Birchbox day!  
Month after month, this never gets old!
-Tacos, they are just good no matter what!  
For bed time.  Those first few seconds of snuggling under the blankets and letting out the breath that sinks you down into the mattress.  Yep, I’m really thankful for that!  
What are you thankful for today?

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