Training Plan Adjustment

Ok, how many of you stick to the training plan 100%?  Just once in my running life I would like to hit every single run of the training plan, but it has yet to happen. 

It’s hard to be a smart runner sometimes, but I think I made the smart choice today when I decided to walk with the stroller group rather than run with the runners.  My legs actually felt pretty good this morning and I was tempted to go ahead and run, but the more I thought about it the more I realized the start line is more important than a 3 mile run. 

It’s all about being ready for 13.1 April 14th, and running or not running today isn’t going to change how ready, or not, I am for Whidbey Island. 

 Today’s stroller group!

So, I enjoyed the sun, enjoyed the walk, and really enjoyed chatting with the half of the group that I don’t usually get to spend time with.  I feel so lucky to get to run, and sometimes walk, with such amazing people!

Sky takes training very serious…she made sure to get her stretching in before we left for the store.

 Love her new adidas outfit!  My legs would break if I tried to bend them like that!

After that we raced home and got ready to visit the Ortho Surgeon.  Her elbow popped out again on Monday, and while I was able to pop it back in, it’s the second time it’s happened in a few weeks on that arm.  I thought for sure she’d end up in a cast, but we are going to wait and see if it happens again.  It’s hard to decide to put a cast on an arm that she is moving just fine and has no pain in, even if it does dislocate super easy.  It also seems to be popping back in pretty easy so we are lucky!

     Snacking while waiting for Dr. Will to get back from an emergency in the ER.
The perfect way to end the day…I’m pretty sure it will help me relax and have better foam rolling/trigger pointing results!
When you miss training runs do you try and make them up, or do you trust that the runs you do complete are going to be enough?  
P.S. I hope everyone living in the PNW got outside today and enjoyed the amazing sun we had! 

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