Why, Why, Why Did 5 Miles Have to Feel so Hard?!

I had such a fun day today, and really wanted it to end with a fun 5 miles in the sun!

After running 10 on Sunday you would think 5 would feel like a walk run in the park.  But, it didn’t.  Easily one of the hardest, most uncomfortable run’s I’ve done in a long time.

I was actually scared my calves were going to burst out of my legs they were that hard and tight.  No matter what I do I can’t seem to get those darn things to loosen up and relax.  Made for a painful run for sure.  I feel bad because I was not very talkative and probably not the best company tonight.  Sorry Elya!

Hitting the foam roller hard tonight and trigger pointing like a mad woman!

Even though the day ended with a rough run it was still a pretty great day.  Lovely sunny weather and a Mani and Mimosa Party/Tot play date this morning…any day that starts with champagne is automatically awesome no matter what!

Take a look at this manicure…it finishes my St. P Day race outfit!

 Shamrock’ing my nails with Jamberry!

Jenn, one of the Mommies from the stroller group, recently started her own Jamberry business and hosted a Mani and Mimosa’s party today for the stroller group and all the tots.

What is Jamberry you ask, well in very basic terms they are wraps for your nails.  I’m not going to try to explain it…if you are interested in more info take a look at Jamberry.

After one sample nail wrap I was hooked and used some of my birthday $$ to order several different designs, including the shamrocks!  My favorite thing about them is zero dry time, they last for weeks (my polish lasts about 2 or 3 days), and come is really fun designs, there is even a runner girl one!!!

Sky had a blast playing with Claire and all her dress up stuff!  We were there for two hours and aside from checking to see where I was a few times Sky was off and playing the entire time!


Thank you Jenn for hosting a house full of ladies and tater tots!  And, for the tips on how to make my wraps look great!

Anyone have tight/sore calves advice?  No matter the stretch, trigger pointing, foam rolling those suckers are just out of control!

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