Recovery Mode

I’m not going to lie, this 10 miler kicked my butt, and my knees, and my hips, and my everything else!  After a morning play date that resulted in Sky falling asleep on the way home (and staying asleep for hours!) I was able to foam roll, stretch, trigger point, ice and rest. 

Thank goodness because the night ended with a pre bedtime dance party, which I’m positive undid all the recovery work I put in earlier.  But, when the tater tot asks to dance with you, you don’t say no, no matter how sore you are.  I tried to keep it low key, but every time I took it down a notch she called me out, so it was all out dance club mode for over an hour.  Extra cardio for the win!  

A few Sky pics to end Monday with…

 Playing with trains and singing along with the radio.  

 Because everything is better upside down. 

 Singing to her horse, more like yelling at it to go faster.  
Actually my day is ending with wine, compression socks, and The Voice.  Kinda the perfect ending to a great Monday!  
I hope everyone had a lovely Monday to kick the week off with!  

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