Thankful Thursday

Today I’m Thankful For:

-Accomplishing a few things that needed accomplishing.

-Being able to register for another half.  You Go Girl 9/14/14…not one I every really wanted to do, but it’s a chance to make peace with a route that causes me great mental distress, and it’s a fall back in-case my PR attempt in Aug ends up not happening due to high temps.  Thank you Dad for the birthday money!!  Waiting for the PR Half to open up later this month!

-That I managed to find a way to keep Sky happy…

 Who knows why she insisted on her bike helmet to slide.

…she is sick (just a cold) so I can’t take her to Frog n Kiwi, which is what she’s been asking for all day.  It’s raining outside, and we have a mud pit in the front yard (Mark pulled up the sod that needed replacing), so playing outside isn’t really a great idea.  It was a frustrating morning until I thought to bring the slide in.

-For my health, my life, and the people in it.

What are you thankful for?


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