Home Safe!

Sky and I had an unexpected extended weekend thanks to a little snow storm in the passes. 

The Lex has a great traction control system, but it aint that great!  Wow is all I can say.  I feel bad for people who did get stuck in their cars/hotels/at the pass.  That possibility is what kept Sky and I safe at my Aunt and Uncles way past what was only supposed to be breakfast on our way back home. 

All in all it was a great weekend, and I didn’t mind the extra time with Paul and Candy.  The best part is Sky got lot’s of time with family on the other side of the state. 

The whole reason we even went over was to celebrate my birthday early with Dad and Val (I have some shopping to do!) and get a treatment.  Birthday dinner was amazing wine, perfectly cooked steak, and crazy good chocolate cake…the massage was amazing too, but not nearly as pleasant.  I thought I was going into this one without any issues.  Nothing hurt and nothing had been bothering me on my runs.  But, boy did some unexpected shoulder issues pop up!  I actually felt like I needed a barf bucket under the face opening on the massage table.  I’m thankful that we caught a few things early, and I know what to focus on with foam rolling and trigger pointing.

A few pictures from the weekend…

 Elya and I got in 8 miles before Sky and I left Friday morning.

I’m glad we ran before I left, and that I got back when I did, because I didn’t take my running stuff with me.  I thought I would only be gone 1 whole day, so didn’t think I’d need, or want it.  But, I did find two awesome trail running options for next time I’m there!  
Sky had ton’s of fun!  Dad and I found Trampoline Playground, and then a few days later I took her to the Cheer Academy for the open play time, plus she just has fun hanging out with family!
 She loves that green hat!

 Lunch with Grandma!
 The Cheer Academy is crazy fun!

Movie time!
I can’t tell you how much this stressed me out.  You can see that part of the beam has a raised platform with mats, so when you fall it’s not far at all, the second half is regulation with no fall protection.  The first 6 or 7 times she did this she waited at the half way point for me to hold on to her.  But, then she got brave and looked at me and said, “No mommy help, I do by self”.  What if she fell and ended up in a cast again?!  But, I stepped back and let her take on the balance beam all by herself, about 10 times, and she never did fall.  The smile on her face the first time she got to the end and jumped off all by herself was priceless!  
Top two pics are from the cheer academy and the bottom two are from Trampoline Playground.  It took her so many tries before she figured out how to make it to the top of the trampoline so she could slide down, but she kept trying and she did it!

 Sky did not want to leave her giant minion!

 Sunrise the morning we left, so beautiful!  

Got to play in a little bit of snow at my Aunt and Uncles, it didn’t last very long though.

P.S. I have to say not only was birthday dinner amazing, but breakfast the next morning was pretty great as well!  Dad makes the best hash-browns period.  Great smokey flavor and extra, extra crispy.  I was a happy camper!
Thank you to Dad and Val for hosting Sky and I, and for Candy and Paul willingly hosting us unexpectedly!  It was kind of a nice little vacation for me, but I’m glad to be back home and back to “real” life.  
Now, time to focus on running and training! 



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