Thankful Thursday!

My favorite day of the week, or at least my favorite post of the week.  I like taking some time to appreciate the little and big things I have to be thankful for.  Makes it hard to have bad days! 

Since I missed posting yesterday (slept in, and spent lots of cuddle time with Sky) today’s post is a mixed bad of being thankful and other random stuff. 

First, lets talk about how amazing the weather was yesterday!  Oh my what a perfect day for the stroller group run.  Sunny and warm, so warm in fact that I totally could have gotten away with a shirt and running skirt! 

Instead I went all 50 Shades Of Grey and was way too hot!!  It’s the last time you’ll see those legging here though…I snagged them which resulted in a huge hole in the leg (thank goodness I had the skirt on!).  They got me through two winters and a ton of washing so I’m ok with having to toss them. 

Days like yesterday remind me that Spring and Summer (the best time in the PNW) are almost here!  Just have to get through March; there is usually a surprise late season snow storm.  No complaining though, I’m thankful we escaped the Polar Vortex and the drought in CA.  We may have our share of rain and grey days, but we don’t have extreme weather and for that I’m thankful!

I’m really thankful that the two pieces of glass I stepped on resulted in only small cuts on the bottom of my foot.  Not great for training, but it could have been so much worse, and it didn’t bother me too much on the stroller group run yesterday.  Hopefully 8 miles tomorrow won’t irritate it.

Hoka visited the stroller group yesterday, and while adidas Energy Boost is still the only shoe for me (Did you know the EB2 launched yesterday?!  Can’t wait to get a pair on my feet!) I like to support the effort the reps put into visiting the store, and usually give their shoes a try.

Sky clearly liked them more than I did!

 “I run, run!”
She literally ran laps around the store!  
I think my biggest worry about Sky being an only, and me being home on top of it, is that she will be too attached or clingy.  I was thankful yesterday to see her interact with Danika (Hoka Rep), walk into the store staff meeting like she belonged there, visit with TCMA all on her own.  It makes my heart happy to see the relationships she’s building, and any time she interacts with others and forgets that Mommy is around is pretty great.   
I’m always thankful when we get nice enough weather to play outside.  Sky and I don’t care about rain or cold too much, but she seems to be developing a cold, so it’s been perfect that this week we can play outside and can skip the germ riddled indoor play options.  
Playing soccer with a volleyball.
Thankfully we are both entertained by simple things…this silly little hat provided ton’s of fun yesterday!
Thank you grandma Val for the sparkly top!  She loves it!

A few other things I’m thankful for:

-Big boxes.  I packed up the kitchen so Mark and Amy (his sister) can paint while Sky and I are gone this weekend!  Just have the guest bathroom left to pack up. 

-Every day I’m thankful for the lovely car that was given to us.  It’s so nice to drive, and I don’t worry the least about heading across the state in it, just Sky and I. 

-That Sky is in a super cuddly stage.  She’s a cuddle but anyway, but the last few weeks it’s been way more so, without being overly clingy (for the most part).  Some day those cuddles are going to be a thing of the past, so I’m enjoying every second of it now!

-For quiet time.  Nap time has not been  happening for weeks now, and I’m not even trying to get her to sleep during the day anymore.  She just won’t do it.  But, she will lay on her bed, or the couch for quiet time.  Some days for 30 min, others for several hours.  She asks for something different every day to lay down with.  Some days it’s a movie, others it’s books, a puzzle, or coloring.  And, some days she just wants to play in her room alone.  I miss nap time, but I’m adjusting and making this work.

-That every time we leave the house, for any reason, Sky makes it an exciting adventure. 

-Finding joy in the little things.

What are you thankful for today?


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