Running Hungry

I have been so rungry (running related hunger) this training cycle!  It’s normal once the miles get up there to be hungry all the time, but I’m not kidding when I say two weeks in I started feeling week 6 to 10 worth of hungry.  Those are the higher mile weeks and totally normal to eat a bit more.  But, I’m not there yet and not running enough miles to warrant how hungry I am!

I wonder if my body is used to the training schedule since this is the 5th time through?  Maybe it’s getting hungry earlier because it knows whats coming?    

 First steak we have had in months…so glad the grill is fixed!

The steak consumption will go up the last few weeks, and race day.  All I want after long runs/races is bloody, rare steak and risotto.  I’m already looking forward to the post Whidbey meal!

I don’t even bother ordering steak when we eat out any more.  Mark grills perfect steak every.  single.  time.  It’s just silly to order it when I can have the perfect steak at home!  (My Dad grills a pretty mean steak as well)!

We are at the point in training that I can’t be lazy any more.  Once I pass the 6 mile mark for long runs I can’t half ass the stretching and foam rolling.  I’m pretty on top of it anyway, but now I’m in the no goofing around zone.  It’s ice baths (as needed) and stretching/foam rolling as much as possible day and night!


In Sky news she had a new outfit to show off yesterday.  This girl is all about the dresses and skirts lately.  No matter what I put on her it had better have a skirt that can go over it, matching or not!

Watching a show about bananas…she was super focused! 
She was so excited when Ellen came on and Twitch was DJ’ing!  She jumped, clapped, danced, and chanted Ellen over and over all around the living room.  When she wasn’t dancing she was gazing at the TV and saying, “Ellen” over and over.  

What do you cave after long runs/races?

Any other Ellen fans out there?

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