Yucky Training Runs = Awesome Race Day!

That’s what I keep telling myself anyway.  The worse the training conditions are the easier race day will be.  The upside of a winter training cycle is that race day can’t hit us with any weather that we haven’t already run in.  Unless it’s sunny and 80, which it won’t be in early April around here.

Wind and rain don’t make a great combo for running.  I would rather be freezing cold, running in the snow than deal with wind and rain, together or on their own.  But, it’s making us stronger, and even though we were not loving the conditions, last nights long run was our strongest run yet.  So, I guess I shouldn’t complain too much.  Plus it’s nice to end a weekend with a run, even if it was wet, cold, and a bit windy. 

Just a quick tip…don’t eat a power bar as fast as possible minutes before running.  It becomes very unpleasant half way through a long run.  Rookie mistake, I totally know better.  That’s what I get for forgetting my snack while out running errands and cutting the timing close.   

When I got home this was the view that welcomed me…

The only way to watch movies!
I wanted to pile on the couch with them so badly, but I was starving, and soaking wet.  Turns out my non-running rain jacket (for hiking etc) isn’t any more water proof than my running jacket is.  
Mark and Sky actually spent a lot of time cuddling on the couch this weekend.  She was all about “I just need cuddles” and Daddy was happy to take cuddle breaks as needed!  

 They are listening to elk bugle…it’s one of her favorite things!

    Pre bedtime movie.
A few more random pics from the weekend…
Love that jacket…she has worn it non-stop all weekend!
 Wagon ride to Starbucks for scones and hot chocolate!
So many races this weekend, I kept seeing all the updates and posts and it made me wish for a race.  Only a few weeks until St. P Day…hanging in until then.  
P.S. Elya is back and it was so nice to get into our running groove again last night.  I missed my training partner while she was off playing in the sun for a week!

Tell me one fun thing you did this weekend!

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