Running With My Dad!

Any day that starts with a morning run is a good day.  But, today was extra special because I got to start the day running with my Dad (which is much safer than running with scissors)!  A Happy Friday to say the least!  

Last time we ran together he had a diabetic reaction 1/2 way through a 5K race.  Race officials and paramedics were involved.  Not fun for him and scary for me.  Today, well today was perfect!  Ok, so maybe not totally perfect.  He is getting over being sick, and it was a bit colder than he would have liked, which made it hard to breath, but no diabetic issues this time!  No rain, no wind, no hills…two miles of peaceful running with my Dad! 

He has been so supportive and is my #1 sponsor and fan, so it was really pretty great to get to run with him.   

Even though we were celebrating Dad’s birthday this trip I was spoiled a bit!  

I always pick kinda crazy colors for pedicures, usually a color that I don’t own at home.  Thank you Val for the girl time and pedicure!
 And, I got two new running related shirts!  I love how Dad celebrates HIS birthday!  🙂 
 Scones and coffee after our run…Sort of a crazy photo with my reflection blending with Dad standing behind Sky. 

 Lunch at Red Robin before Dad and Val headed home.  

She takes coloring menus very serious!

P.S. – Be prepared to see a ton of this jacket!  She LOVES it, I mean really, really loves it.  It’s a battle getting her to take it off.  I think she would take baths with it if I let her.  It’s adorable, but I have a feeling we are all going to be sick of it by the time she outgrows it.  😉  Thank you Val for all the new outfits, she’s still trying to put everything on at once!  
I love that they are willing to make the 4 hour drive, back-to-back days, all to spend a few hours with Sky.  I have such great memories of time spent with my grandparents, and I’m really thankful that Sky already has strong relationships with all her grandparents.
How was your Friday?  Tell me something fun you did today, or something fun you have planned for the weekend!

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