Painfully Long Weekend

We didn’t even realize it was a long weekend until Friday afternoon, and normally we would be more excited about having an extra day to play, or more like get stuff done, but when the tot is hurt and the Dr. office is closed long weekends are way, way too long!  

Have you ever seen anything this sad?!  

Nurse Maids elbow again!  I have lost count how many times this has happened.  Last time it was her right arm and resulted in a cast, this time it’s her left arm.  Thankfully we still have the sling, and are doing our best to keep the arm immobile, and keep her on ibuprofen all day.  The Ortho said if the other arm popped out he would cast it, so I’m calling first thing in the morning to see if we can get her in.  The only good thing is we are pretty confident Mark was able to pop the elbow back in, so it’s not causing as much pain as it could be.  
Thankfully she got to have a little fun before getting hurt.  

Another set of wheels!

This girl has more wheels than anyone I know.  Tricycles, bikes, a jeep with a missing battery, wagons, and now this.  When she does get the peddling thing down 100% she is going to take off and go forever!  It’s 50/50 if she’ll be a runner or a race car driver!
It was a pretty great weekend leading up to the injury.  I got my long run in with Elya Saturday morning, and put together my St. P Day race outfit!  
“Luck ain’t got nothing to do with it!”  So true!

Skirt –  Sparkle Athletic and runs around $20, bonus is it will work for Christmas as well! 
Leg warmers – Joann’s Fabric and were $10 I think, I had a coupon though so they were less than that.  
Shirt – Run Pretty Far and was around $30.  It’s not a performance top, it’s cotton, but I’m wearing it over a long sleeve tech shirt so I’m not worried about it, plus it’s a 5K, I can wear almost anything for a 5K and be fine.  
The only difference is race day I’ll have on white, or maybe green socks. I’ll get a test run the night before at the Fleet Feet Run Club Pub Run.  Figured I will wear this  for both events since it’s only St. P Day once a year!  I really love Run Pretty Far…their performance and non-performance tops are really nice.  I don’t know what they do to their cotton but it’s so soft and comfy!  
After running and completing my race outfit we took Sky to the Beckham’s to play while we went to see the Hobbit.  Nothing like waiting until the last minute to see a movie!  There are not very many movies we want to see in the theater, but this was one of them, and we put it off until there was only one theater left that was showing it.  Two Sky-free dates in one month…we are out of control!  
Today is going to be full of movies and keeping Sky as still as possible, lot’s of cuddles too I’m sure.  
One last Sky pic from a few weeks ago…
Upside down and sideways, snuggled in with her favorite stuffed friends.  How I find her 90% of the time when I wake her up from her naps.  

Anyone race this weekend?  

Who has today off, and how are you spending your “free” Monday?

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