A Few Pics & Happy V Day!

Instead of blogging about Valentines Day I’m going to go celebrate it with my two favorite people!  We don’t make a big deal of it, but I like to make breakfast (ok I do that every morning), let Sky pick a few things she loves to do and spend the day having fun with her.  Mark’s works from home today, so that makes it a little more fun! 

We may even get a family run in…the family that runs together stays together!  Yes, it’s extra miles for me, but at least they are stroller miles and easy for me to keep it slow.  

She loves Bruno Mars, I mean really LOVES him!  Every single time his songs come on she knows it’s him instantly and gets the biggest grin on her face.  She was singing her hear out and then getting all giggly and shy about it.  She is almost too entertaining when I’m trying to drive!  I did pull over and park before taking those pics!

Seriously love that Steelers dress…and yes she had pants on underneath while we were out and about.

Thursday isn’t usually a movie day, but we spent almost 4 hours grocery shopping/running errands and she was a champ!  She ate lunch and took a nap with zero fuss when we got home too, so I surprised her with, “my minions” when she woke up.  She was  happy, and despite what the above pic looks like she wasn’t scared, she was trying to tell them what to do to help them escape! 

And, a few pictures from last weekend.  We went to a friends for dinner and the kiddos had so much fun playing!

 Really hard to get not blurry pics of 2 two year olds on a trampoline!  They spent most of the evening jumping together!

Happy Valentines Day to all!  I hope you are spending it with those you love! 

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