A Beautiful Day For A Walk!

What a lovely day for a run or walk!  Bright sunny skies, a bit windy, but warm and no rain!  I was so excited for the stroller group this morning, it’s just so much more pleasant when the weather is on our side!  The complete opposite of last nights group run!  It was another windy, rainy, Jen ends up soaked through all three layers of clothing, kind of run.  I have a rain jacket to run in, why do I forget it every time it’s raining?!     

Anyway, I got a little running break today and honestly I was relieved.  I was going to end up with extra miles this week, and normally I don’t mind that, but when I’m following a training plan I don’t like extra miles, they tend to be what do me in.  I have walked with them a few times before and it’s always so nice to slow it down and have actual conversation rather than gasping out single word responses.

Sky got some running in chasing her Tow Mater.

Anything that chases her, or that she can chase is a big hit around here.  Much to my frustration that means anytime I ask her to do something she runs from me and then shrieks in delight when I go after her.  It’s a big game to her and a big pain in the butt for me.

Maybe I should start tracking those chases though, I bet I’m getting all kinds of miles in that I don’t even realize I’m getting!  Seriously I’m working on getting her to stop, it’s a bad habit, but she thinks it’s great fun so it’s hard to make her understand why it’s not ok to run from mommy.

Sending warm thought to all those stuck in the never ending snow!  Notice I refrained from posting a pretty sunny picture form today…don’t want to rub it in!  

Are you able to talk while running?
Not really.  It’s painful and I’m gasping and panting the whole time, but it feels rude to not respond when someone is trying to talk to you.  

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