Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for:

-Heat and power.  Some are stuck in the grip of a nasty winter and to make it even more fun don’t have power, which means some don’t have heat.

-That Sky took a nap today.  Naps are very hit and miss around here.  She does great for a week and then I can’t get her to take a nap for anything.  It’s a really nice treat to have a few hours to myself when she does sleep.

-That we were the only ones at the Children’s Museum in Olympia!  It only lasted for about 15 minutes, but Sky mad the most of that time and ran from favorite thing to favorite thing as fast as she could before she had to start sharing.

Bust A Move

-She loves the stage and all the dress up outfits, but will not indulge if there are other people watching.  I’m thankful she had a chance to “perform” before other kiddos and parents showed up.

-That Mark is very tolerant!  I’m not a wild mood swing type of person…pretty even keeled.  But sometimes I’m off a little.  When that happens I tend to stick close to home and to him and wait it out.  He gets it, understands why, and is patient.    

-That training has started!  As much as I crave the “run when I want, how I want” non-training times I thrive on a schedule.  I like looking at my schedule and knowing exactly when and how far I’ll be running for the next 10 weeks.  It makes life feel a little more ordered and I like have things in order!

-That it was so cold today that when I left my iced coffee in the car for a few hours, the ice didn’t melt and water it down.  It was like coming back to fresh coffee!

-That TCMA (Tacoma City Marathon Association) tolerates the Wednesday interruption from Sky.  She loves visiting them, but it is an interruption in their work day.  You’d never know it though, they always take the time to visit with her and make her smile!

-That I saved a dressy dress for 5 years, and it still fits!!!  I have something to wear to dinner tomorrow night!

One last picture from the museum today…

Pretending to be a dinosaur dentist!

Who’s watching the Olympic Opening Ceremonies tonight?  

Tell me something you’re thankful for!


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