Running In The Snow!

Yep, we had snow yesterday.  It was only a little bit falling from the sky, and not the kind that sticks, and there is no white on the ground this morning, but still technically it snowed. 

And, technically I can say I competed my first training run of the year in the snow!!!  What a way to kick off Whidbey Island 1/2 training!  The nice thing is Tuesday night is my fastest run of the week, and the faster you run the faster your body warms up.  I was nice and toasty a mile in!

Running in the snow runner problem #1…the flakes kept getting stuck in my eyelashes! 

I know the cold, and little hint of snow is nothing in comparison to those stuck in the clutches of  winter and the Polar Vortex.  But, this may be the only snow we get around here, so I’m claiming it as a run in the snow! 

The best part of the snow was picking up the champagne on the way home.  For those new to the blog we drink champagne every time it snows.  Just as a way to remember to get out the fancy flutes, the bottle of bubbly, and celebrate the little things!  We also drink champagne every now and then on Football Sunday’s, we love football that much! 

I kind of needed the champagne and cuddle time after a long day.  Lets just say it wasn’t Sky’s best day.  She woke up a very typical almost 3 year old.  It was challenging and frustrating to deal with her most of the day, but thankfully we all survived (and most days are not like that), and today is a new day.     

She started out all cute and cuddly…

…watching her cartoons while Mark worked from home.  Actually she was cute and cuddly with him most of the day, it was just me that was bringing out the worst in her I guess.  Proof that kiddos need breaks from us as much as we need breaks from them!

We are off to a good start so far today thank goodness.  Any day I start with my favorite breakfast is automatically going to be good.  Bonus – Sky likes it too, even the peppers!  Actually anything with olives in it is a win for her.  Girl loves her olives!

Scrambled eggs with onion, fresh jalapeno pepper, and black olives.  I top mine with fresh, diced avocado and salsa, Sky eats hers as pictured.  I saute the onion and pepper before adding the eggs, and put the olives in at the very end.  They don’t need to cook, just need to warm up.   

What is your go too breakfast?  
We eat a lot of eggs and a lot of PB toast and avocado toast.

How do you stay warm on chilly runs?  

This is how I stay warm!

For those dealing with the new round of snow and ice stay warm, and be safe out there! 

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