Football Sunday’s…I’m Going To Miss You!

Good Monday Morning everyone.  It’s an especially good morning if you’re a Hawk fan! 

I know Hawk fans loved that game and the decisively lopsided win, as they should.  I found it somewhat boring.  Yeah the Hawks made it exciting with one big play after another, but it was lame from a competition standpoint…because there was no competition.  I really wanted to see a good close game.  

One thing all three of us loved was Bruno Mars!  He is one of Sky’s favorite artist to sing along to and she was singing and dancing the whole time!   Can he just do all the SB Half Time shows forever?!  Maybe add in a little JT as well? 

 Yes that’s a leopard print dress over her Steelers sweatshirt…that’s how she rolls.

I’m super happy for all my friends who have been waiting for a SB victory for a very long time!  It’s pretty amazing to watch your team win, and win so convincingly at that, and I’m excited that all my Hawk loving friends get to experience it!

Now I have to figure out how to spend my Sunday’s for the next 7’ish months.  You would think I had planned it this way (I didn’t), but my last half was right when football season started, and training for this year starts tomorrow, right after football is over!  Looks like Sunday will be the perfect long run day!

I am so excited to be back on a training schedule!  There is a time and place for all types of running, but I have been a little unfocused and willy nilly for a bit too long.  I’m really looking forward to having the next 10 weeks mapped out and knowing exactly what days and how many miles I’m running.  The journey to Whidbey Island Half Marathon starts now!!!  

Elya and I had one last “run before training runs start” run Saturday morning.  While I’m excited to get back to training it was nice to have one last “relaxed” run.  Pace, distance, test running gear and fuel…non of that mattered.  We talked the entire time, and enjoyed it.  Not that we won’t enjoy training, but I tend to be a lot more focused when there is a start line looming!

Sky got a little running in as well.  We took her to the park to spend some time on the trails (more like try to tire her out so she’d take a nap and not be too restless during the game) and let her explore a bit.

Maybe she’ll be a trail runner?  Or a sprinter?  Her favorite thing is to stop and wait for us to count her down so she can take off at a sprint.  She doesn’t get very far before she says, “Let’s walk a while”, but after a short walk she’s ready to do it all again.  We got a 3 mile loop in with her.  She tired out the last little bit and we had to carry back to the car (she is getting way too big for that!) but, overall her little legs take her a long ways!

Who ran/raced this weekend?  Tell me how you did!  

What was your favorite SB commercial?
I have two…I love that Cheerios revisited the bi-racial family.  After all the controversy from last years commercial I’m proud of them for sticking with it.  I also really loved Chevy’s commercial recognizing cancer survivors and caregivers…brought me to tears!

What was the best thing you ate or drank during the game yesterday?    
Trader Joes Margarita!

Who would you like to see do a SB Half Time Show?
 Pink, Daft Punk, JT (I think he deserves a do over!). 


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