Running Isn’t Always Amazing

Today’s run was not amazing at all.  I was slow, my legs were tired, I was dehydrated from only drinking coffee all morning, I hit the trails instead of sticking to the pavement (which is my norm), and I cheated on my adidas with the “other” shoes.  My only goal was to make up the miles I missed Wednesday, so being slower doesn’t bother me.  What does bother me is how hard it felt.  My legs were tired and heavy and it just felt like a struggle the entire time.

I know I’m not going to have an amazing run every time, but it still isn’t fun to slog through a rough one.  Thankfully I have a chance to get back on track tomorrow morning with Elya on my favorite new loop.  

You may or may not be aware that there is a big football game this Sunday.  It’s kind of impossible to escape the fact living in WA!  

While I love football I can’t say I love the Hawks.  It’s not that I don’t like the team it’s more that they aren’t the Steelers so I don’t really care.  But, I do care about all my Hawk loving friends…so for them I hope the Hawks win.  It’s a crazy feeling when your team wins the SB, and I want that elation and excitement for them.  

In a little show of support for the local team I opted not to wear any Steelers gear today, and I stopped by the local coffee shop and ordered the 12th Man Mocha.  It’s a white chocolate mocha with blue raspberry. 

This picture doesn’t even come close to showing off the horrific blue color of my coffee.  It was putrid blue.  But, it did taste good if not a bit too sweet. 

Since everything comes back to the Steelers I should actually cheer for the Hawks since they aren’t playing the Steelers this time.  But, despite being a Steelers Fan For Life, I’m also a Peyton fan and would like to see him win after making an amazing comeback.  Plus, I don’t think he will retire until he has at least one more SB ring, and let’s face it…it will be a little easier for the Steelers to get back to the SB if they don’t have to go through Peyton to get there.  So my plan is to cheer for everybody on Sunday.  Whoever is making the big play on every down it getting my support.  That way at the end of the game I’ll be happy either way.

Mostly I’m looking forward to margaritas and fajitas Sunday!  That’s a good combo right there!

Is anyone running this weekend?  

Shout out to my BIL who is running Surf City Marathon this Sunday.  He will be among the 21,000 runners registered.  That seems like so many people!  I know he’s hoping for a PR and I hope he gets it! 

I may actually run Sunday morning with Sky.  Just to get her out of the house for a run/play time at the park before the game starts.  She likes football, but she has her limits.  

Who’s watching the SB and who do you want to win/think will win?

What are you eating and drinking SB Sunday?


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