Thankful Thursday

Things I’m Thankful for today:

-Rain.  If it’s raining that means it’s not freezing, snowing, below 0.  I’ll take the rain. 

-That Sky’s Nabi Jr. gave her, and me, an hour of laying in bed quiet time.  Even though she didn’t nap, at least she was quiet and laying still. 

-Sky is really pretty great at being sick.  Throwing up doesn’t bother her at all.  No tears or crying.  She just does it, asks for help cleaning up and moves on.

How we spent yesterday morning.  By the afternoon she was eating, playing, and acting like she hadn’t been sick all morning. 
-That the parents only live a few minutes away.  Gentry was able to deliver Pedialyte which was the only think she could keep down for most of the morning.  
-That the stroller group is so awesome!  There is always someone willing to step up and cover for me when I can’t be there.  
-For a “forced” day of zero plans.  I really don’t mind when all we do is hang out all day in pj’s and watch cartoons/movies.  I don’t normally condone as much TV time as we had yesterday, but sometimes it’s just what you need to do to get through. 
-Athleta’s Spring catalog, so many pretty things to contemplate replacing some older running gear with!
Here’s to hoping it was just a strange one day tummy bug, and that today doesn’t start with a bed full of vomit and tons of laundry.
Tell me two things you’re thankful for today!

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