Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for:

-Sky’s love of running!  It makes my heart so happy! 

When I asked her if she wanted to go to the park today she said, “I run, run no stroller”?  “No stroller” is her way of saying I’m tired of you pushing me on runs, I want my own run time for once.  She is saying “No stroller” more and more as of late.

So we ran, well she runs and I fast walk.  Also, Violet apparently needed a run today as well.  She carried Violet all over the park.  I didn’t track it, but from past experience I’m confident we ran/walked a good 2.5 miles, her carrying Violet the whole way.

Of course we took a few breaks along the way.  Every bench we see Sky simply must try them out and take in all the wildlife around her.

-A little glimpse into her non-mommy time.  As a SAHM there are not many parts of Sky’s day/life that are hers and hers alone.  I’m always around for better or worse.  I can’t tell you how much I enjoy listening to her outside her bedroom door when she wakes up in the mornings.  It’s one of the few times that she is on her own and has no idea I’m there.  She has full conversations with herself about how she needs to listen, what an exciting day it’s going to be, all the friends she wants to see, she tells herself, “don’t be shy, but it’s ok sometimes” and “sharing is so nice”.  She also talks about “no pee in potty” (potty training, or the lack of, is a big topic right now), “I no get stickers” (we are trying to use stickers to motivate her to pee in the potty).

I just love hearing all my words come back to haunt me, or make me proud, in these morning conversations with herself.  It’s not always deep, sometimes she’s singing along with Violet, or just talking nonsense or playing with toys.  But, when I actually get to hear what’s on her mind totally unprompted with zero influence from my presence and I love it! 

-A weekend with zero plans, aside from my Sat am run.  I’m just feeling so not social right now, no reason.  No one made me mad or upset me, I’m just really content to be at home with my two fave people, doing our own thing.

-The lack of a Polar Vortex in W WA!  Don’t get me wrong, I love snow, but I’m really happy to not deal with below freezing temps and snow right now. 

Tell me one thing your thankful for! 


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